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3 Steps To Consistently Close High-Quality Facebook® And Instagram® Ad Clients

During this FREE 4-Part Virtual LIVE Training Experience, you’ll Learn How You Can Confidently Start and Grow Your Ads Business (No Experience Required) And Without Working For Free.

you'll learn...

this isn't your average fluff no value training experience. This 4-part experience is packed with actionable steps for you to take in order to land your first OR next ad management client.

Training #1

More Clients, More Revenue, Better Results. In video one we'll be diving deep into what you need to do ASAP in your business so you don't stay stuck and what makes a great ad management client so you don't end up with a red flag 🚩 client but instead you create a roaster of premium clients that you love working with.

Training #2

The Risk Reversal Method.™ In video two I'm giving you the step-by-step process for landing premium priced clients even if you're just getting started and without working for free. By the end of this video you'll be able to take the Risk Reversal Method and start landing clients right away!

Training #3

5 Step Framework For Consistently Growing Your Meta Ad Management Business. In video three i'll take you through the only 5 things you have to focus on in your ad management business in order to create consistent revenue without hustling 24/7 all while getting your clients amazing results. This is your roadmap to success.

BONUS Training #4

Tap Into The Power Of AI In Your Ad Management Business. In this BONUS Video #4 i'll take you through simple ways you can tap into the power of AI to cut your work load in half, streamline your processes, and squash any fears about writing ad copy and creating graphics goodbye.

👋 Hey Ad Manager or Future Ad Manager

I'm Brandi -- wife, mom, digital marketing expert, podcast host & total taco snob 🌮

In 2018 I was a new business owner, a mom to a 5-month-old baby girl, and I was working around the clock providing #allthethings to all the clients.

I used to bring my laptop to bed with me every night because I was working at absolute max capacity. But something changed between 2018 when I was captain of the struggle bus… and 2019.

In just a few short months, I scaled my online business to multi six figures with only my 1:1 services (which then lead to multiple seven figures). And my life is basically unrecognizable—besides the beautiful blondie baby and my amazing hunky husband who I retired from his job and brought home to become Rylee’s best friend and full-time stay at home dad.

And now I’ve made it my mission to help
you start, grow and scale your 1:1 service-based business by offering Facebook™ and Instagram® ads as a service.

Yes, really. It's my obsession and I've helped over 1500 service providers scale their business and over 500 Ad Managers start and scale theirs.

And it all starts with the Confident Ad Manager 4 -part training so you know exactly how to land clients without working for free and even if you're just getting started.