How To Remove the Background From an Image with Free Software

Do you have a photo you’ve been wanting to pull the background out of? You just want to get rid of it, but when you Google you realize you have to have Photoshop. Either you don’t have Photoshop or, like me, you think how the heck do I use Photoshop? So, I’m going to share with you my favorite free tool for getting rid of the background from any image so you can use it on all your graphics.

Hey y’all, if you are new, my name is Brandi and I’m a Facebook Ad strategist. I’m really passionate about helping online service providers and creative entrepreneurs serve, scale and soar in the online world by creating five-figure months that soar into six-figure years. So thanks for being here today. What we’re going to talk about is how to remove a background from your images.

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Remove The Background From Your Image With

If you’re a new VA starting out or, like me, creating a lot of Facebook Ad graphics or if you’re trying to learn how to do banners and social media graphics, this is such a powerful tool. It lets you pull that background out of any image, whole. But unless you know Adobe Photoshop or something like that, it’s really hard to get that background out. Like, completely gone.

So, I asked, am I going to learn how to use Adobe, am I going to pay someone to do it or is there some tool out there that I can use that’s going to get rid of that background for me? And the answer was, there is a free tool. It’s so great and I’m going to show you how you can pull those backgrounds out of your images for free.

So let’s head on over right now and check out

Steps To Remove The Background

  • Go to There’s no “.com” or anything. I always get asked that. It’s just
  • When you get there, click select photo, you’re going to find whatever photo you want to use, upload it and it shows you the before and after.
  • So, now you can adjust it even more. Go to edit to get your eraser. You can pick your size and clean up your photo more, until you’re happy with it.
  • Don’t worry if you mess up and erase too close, you can use the restore button or undo.
  • Last, you hit save and there’s your image with no background.

So, it’s super, super easy. One thing I will share with you is if you don’t have a person, an animal or something that’s living, it’s not going to remove the background. So you need a person, a dog, something that’s the main focal point and then it will remove the background. But, a totally free tool. So amazing. I use this one for all my thumbnails.

So, that is Super easy to use and it’s free. It does not get much better than that! Now, the question of the day is, let me know in the comments, how are you going to use this? Is it for social media graphics, Ebook covers, YouTube cover art? How do you plan on using your images and why are you removing those backgrounds?

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