Create A Killer Instagram Story Strategy

I’m super excited to share with you the tips I learned from my conversation with social media coach, Avery Yaktus, on how to create a killer Instagram story strategy. I break down the main strategy for you in this post, but to find out how to share other stories (I was stumped), if the strategy changes with the business type or how we feel about April Fools, check out the full video.


Not into videos? No problem! This isn’t the full transcript, but I broke down the strategy for you in this post. If you want to grab all the details, make sure to watch the video!


Create A Killer Instagram Story Strategy


#1 Show Up

The number one thing you can do to improve your Instagram views is show up every single day. I’m talking morning, noon and night. Avery goes into a lot of detail on this because it is THAT important. You want to stay top of mind with your audience. You want your audience to want that information and want to know what you’re doing. So show your morning routine, what you’re having for lunch, what you’re doing throughout the day. Be consistent.

She had some advice for those of you hustling on the side of your full-time job also. Share some content, like a fun quote or something, throughout the day. So people are still looking at your stuff because the more they look, they get to know you better and your stuff pops up more often. Also, be thinking about your followers who are also working, but want to see your stories. Make sure to caption them. Avery shared a stat that about 75-80% of people watch stories on mute.

A great example Avery shared about what can happen when you stop showing up was when she went on vacation and wasn’t posting as much as usual. Her engagement fell dramatically and story views were cut almost by 100. While her posts on her page were doing terrible. All because her audience was so used to her posting consistently.

#2 Share Value

This one is a must. You want to make sure that in your stories you are sharing some kind of value at least three to four times a week. And what I mean by value is like, three tips to X or five ways to Y. Whatever that looks like for you. Avery highlights on the reasons she recommends posting value three to four times a week by stating that this will separate you as an industry expert. When you start to give that value, people start to trust you because you know what you’re talking about. So sharing that value is super important for your business.

She used me as an example. I do Facebook ads. So I would talk about tips for Facebook ads as if the people I am talking to are newbies. Remember to start from the basics and there’s so much you can talk about in any industry you’re in.

Another way to share value is through user-generated content (UGC). That is just sharing other people’s content, whether it’s a fun quote or something that would be of value to your audience. So if another Facebook ads manager posted this great tip, I could share it to my story. It would not only give value to my audience, but UGC does really well, especially when it’s a quote, those do amazing.

#3 Promote Yourself To Stand Out

You need to make sure you are promoting yourself because, as Avery covers in the video, if you don’t, how are people going to apply to work with you? If you are wondering why people aren’t applying to work with you or why no one’s DMing to learn more about your business. Here’s a great opportunity for you to share some kind of value. This is Avery’s mini template, “three tips to X and here is how I got through it and then at the end, go for the sale.”

That eliminates this, well it doesn’t work for my business or it doesn’t work for what I’m doing, mentality. And so I will tell you, I was not sold on Instagram. I thought it was a huge time suck. But I ended up popping on one day just to tell people that I decided to roll with the one funnel away challenge and just shared what I was getting out of it and then I posted on IGTV. That ONE post made me $700. I was like what!? I believe in Instagram. So just adding that value can change your whole outcome. I was like, hey guys, it’s open, here we go. And they just came in. That’s coming from someone who doesn’t use Instagram to its fullest. So I can only imagine the effects on your business if you are using Instagram to its fullest.

Take Action

So I always like to give action steps. I think it’s so important to take action. Here is one action step that you can take this week to improve your Instagram Story game.

So if you are new to Instagram stories or even if you have a bunch of new followers, this is great for you. Introduce yourself and share one fact about you. If you are too scared to do it with video, that’s totally fine. Post a picture of yourself and say for those of you who are new to following me, I’m so and so and give them a fun fact with it. Your fun fact should have nothing to do with business, let your audience get to know you.

And if you are a regular on Instagram stories and need something new to share, share your why. Why did you start your business, why are you doing what you’re doing, or even a goal. Get on Instagram stories and just introduce yourself.

Now you know how to create a killer Instagram strategy to grow your business. Show up consistently, share value and make sure to promote yourself. Go take that first action step toward achieving your goals.






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