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ConvertKit Landing Page Review & Tutorial

Have you ever wondered if ConvertKit landing pages are right for you? Should you be using them to build your email list and to get opt-ins? If you have, then you are in the right spot. I’m giving you a complete review of the new ConvertKit landing pages along with a video tutorial on how to build one in less than 5 minutes.

Hi! For all of you who are new, my name is Brandi Mowles and I am a Facebook ad strategist and I help service-based entrepreneurs scale their businesses to five-figure months that soar into six-figure years, without hiring a team. So, I’m super excited that you are thinking about using ConvertKit for your landing page software because the changes that ConvertKit has made has actually changed my opinion of them. I’m so excited to share it with you! So we’re going to jump right into my review of ConvertKit’s new landing page forms.


Not into videos? No problem! Read the transcript here.
To watch the tutorial on how to set up a professional landing page quickly, skip ahead and watch the last five minutes of the video.

Pros To Using ConvertKit’s Landing Pages

So, first off, my opinion has changed in the last several months and I’m so glad I pushed this review back because I’m so excited about the changes. Let’s start with the pros of using ConvertKit as your landing page software.

1. Easy-To-Use Designer Templates

So as of this post, there are 18 different templates you can use for your landing page. That’s really nice, especially if you’re not a graphic designer, professionals have built all these awesome templates for you. You just put in your images, your font style, and it starts to look like your brand.

Besides being super easy, they’re great for all niches. There are ones for photographers, creative entrepreneurs, there’s even a manly one for you guys out there. So, the plug and play templates are a really, really nice selling point.

2. Set Up A Landing Page In Less Than 5 Minutes

The second selling point is that they are quick and easy, you can set up a sales page in less than five minutes. I walk you through this in the last five minutes of the video. If you are just starting out, quick and easy is amazing. And then if you’re a pro, quick and easy is still amazing when you need to get up an opt-in page or landing page super quick.

3. Easy For Beginners

ConvertKit has made their landing pages great for beginners. You don’t have to have a lot of knowledge on design or how to grow your email list. You can just plug and play, the templates are really great. So, if you are a beginner, I highly suggest using this to grow your email list because it’s super easy and doesn’t take a lot of tech knowledge.

4. Embed Your Landing Page Directly On Your Website

If you have a WordPress website, they have a plugin for, you can get a plugin and actually embed these beautiful forms directly on your website. So that is a huge selling point, you can just pop these on your website and have a professional looking landing page without having to create a whole other page. It’s already done and embedded. So that is a big, big plus.

5. You Can Add Facebook Pixels

Number five, for the pros, is that you can now add your Facebook pixels directly to your landing page.

This was my big hangup with ConvertKit before, there was no way to pixel the actual landing page. You had to pixel the thank you page that you redirected them to.

If you run Facebook ads, you know that’s not really what you want to do, but now they have a bunch of integrations and you can add your Facebook pixel to your landing pages. So, that is a huge plus. A few months ago that was going to be my biggest con and the reason I wasn’t using them, but my opinion has definitely changed now that you can actually add your pixel to the ConvertKit landing forms. So that is huge.

Quick pro tip. If you are not currently running ads and you’re brand new or you have no idea if you’re ever going to run ads, go ahead and still set up a Facebook pixel and add that to your pages because you never know when you will be ready for Facebook ads. You need to be collecting that data now.

6. Integrated And Affordable

Okay. My last pro is that it’s all integrated and super affordable. If you’re already using ConvertKit for your email service then it makes sense to use it to build your landing pages, since it’s all integrated for you.

I use ConvertKit and really love the updated version of their landing pages. It makes sense to use a program that’s already integrated with your email list. So I love that.

Cons To Using ConvertKit’s Landing Pages

So now let’s jump into some of the cons to using ConvertKit’s landing pages because with pros there have to be some cons. Even though the pros definitely outweighed my cons.

1. No Sales Page Options

My number one con is that you can’t create a sales page. This is not going to be like Leadpages, ClickFunnels or Kajabi. This is really just about collecting email addresses. So it depends on what you’re doing in your business.

I can’t build out a sales page and use these landing forms because they’re just for opting into your email. So, think about what you need out of this, but it’s definitely not going to be something that you’re building sales pages in.

2. No Thank You Page Options

The second con is, yes you can pixel it, but they don’t have thank you pages that you can pixel with events. So if you are doing Facebook conversions, then you would want to make sure you have a thank you page with a code on it so Facebook can track it and say, ‘Hey, we got a conversion with ConvertKit.’ You can’t do that unless you go and make your own thank you page.

So when I run these, that means I have my ConvertKit form, but then it redirects them to a thank you page on my website, that’s then pixeled. So you can’t pixel a thank you page directly in ConvertKit, you would have to create a second one. So that’s kind of a downside to their landing pages.

I had to really go back and reevaluate my list after they made these changes and am really excited because it has changed my mind about using them.

I have used them to create quick lead forms when I need them for, wait-lists or anything like that. Is it my primary source? No. Do I think it’s great for beginners? Absolutely. It is amazing for growing your email list and the cost is low at only $29 a month. That’s also your email service. That’s way cheaper than Kajabi or ClickFunnels. If your goal is to sell more products, this isn’t going to work for that. 

If you are ready to try out ConvertKit and use their landing pages to grow your email list, here is a link to get 14 days for free!

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