Jason - Course Creator

Without Brandi I would have had next to zero success with my launch. I did not have the bandwidth to manage fb ads and test/retest/retarget audiences on top of everything else I was doing for my launch. Already overwhelmed with the pressure and demands of creating content and engaging my audience, FB ads might just have been the straw that broke my back. One of my colleagues (also a creative) recommended Brandi after also experiences great results with her and I folded her into my launch plan.  Brandi knows creatives and creative endeavors. She knows what we need to do and with whom we need to be connected. I felt that I could trust Brandi from the onset and now that the launch was so successful, I see us working together on all of projects going forward.

Tavia - Birth Photographer

“Hiring Brandi was the first time I had ever hired a Facebook ad manager and I think it made a huge difference. My last launch I made $6,000 and this launch I made $21,000 and Brandi was a huge part of that. Working with Brandi was so easy, I knew from the very first call Brandi was the person I wanted for my launch. I am so thankful for the awesome results and I cannot wait to work with Brandi again.”

Margaret - Network Marketer

I just wanted to rave about Brandi. She helped my friend Laura and I create the most amazing funnel on ClickFunnels. She created an Instagram Bootcamp. We came to her with an idea, with a vision, with a plan, and she helped us make those tangible steps to turn that vision and that plan into a beautiful well-branded cohesive course. We just launched it in April and had an awesome first lunch, made a couple of thousand dollars on our first launch. So we were super, super excited about that. I also wanted to say that Brandi was very professional to work with. Her communication was awesome. Every time we’d ask her a question or needed help with something or needed input, she was very responsive and available for us. I feel like she gave us every single step and really walked us through the process as well. This was our first funnel. We had no experience using ClickFunnels or no experience on how to launch a course. She really took the time to make sure that our needs were met. Our questions were answered. It was overall a really great experience and I just cannot recommend her enough.

Sara - Food Blogger

“Working with Brandi of Brand & Co. has made my life SO. MUCH. EASIER. Prior to utilizing Brandi’s services, I had a Facebook page that I rarely, if ever, updated and a Pinterest account that I spent hours and hours each week working on, which took me away from the work I love to do and the work that grows my business. Since she’s joined my team, Brandi’s assistance has allowed me to get back to doing the things that bring me joy. She is a wealth of knowledge that offers constructive advice that has yielded results beyond my expectations! It was a gut-feeling to work with Brandi. I interviewed her and instantly knew she was the “right fit.” Brandi has a wealth of knowledge about social media, especially in the ever-changing algorithms on “what works” and “what doesn’t.” She continues to help guide my business’s social media presence.” www.realbalanced.com

Kelly - Life Coach

“She never hesitates to give me quality feedback and course-correct me when there’s a better / easier / more impactful way to do something. She’s completely approachable and has a great eye for what’s going to work and how to tweak my work to make it WOW. I’ve gone from an online entrepreneur with little confidence and direction to one with a great direction and the know-how to make a great impact in my industry. Brandi has made it all easy and fun; working with her has been one of the best investments in my business!” www.kellyhanlinmccormick.com

Lisa - Personal Stylist

“Working with Brandi has been one of the best things I have done for my business! It feels so awesome to have someone like Brandi on my team.  She has a great business mindset and ideas – which is an awesome bonus!  She has helped me increase in all my metrics.” www.lisamclatchie.com

Mary Beth - Nutrition Coach

“Brandi’s professionalism and attention to detail instantly drew me to her! She is unique due to her diverse skill set. Brandi has opened my eyes that building a team will help me serve my clients better without feeling frazzled. Working with Brandi is making a big difference in my level of frustration. If I could describe her in one would it be dependable.” www.marybestwest.co

Brandi has helped small business owners and creative entrepreneurs create the strategies and marketing plans that convert into followers, sales, and clients! She loves what she does and she is really good at it, which makes for a killer combo. 

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