Hey, friend

I’m so glad you’re here. And I bet I know exactly how you’ve been feeling.

I am going to guess you are frustrated and overwhelmed. Am I right?

Navigating Facebook ads and sales funnels is HARD!

As a brand new mom and solopreneur, I spent so much time growing my digital marketing agency, I learned first-hand exactly how challenging it can be to function as a business owner and mom, working day and night to keep up, and wondering if  I should just throw in the towel.

What I learned is you cannot do it all yourself. There is just too much to know and not enough time. I also found that when we outsource those things that are not our strength that is when we can truly grow our business. That is also when you will be able to make more money while working less! I mean who doesn’t want that?

Family Dinners


Fall Days

Black Coffee

Baby Cuddles

Date Nights


If you are like me you started your business because you had a dream and vision for your life! Maybe that dream was…

To break free of the 9-5 grind.

To change lives.

To provide for your family.

To be at home with your little one.

To not live paycheck to paycheck.

To be your own boss.

Whatever that dream is you are not alone. As a business owner myself, I can totally relate. But what if your dream, goal, and vision was only one ad or funnel away? How would that change your life? Whatever you just thought about I want to be part of your journey to get there!

My vision is not only to provide for my family and be at home with my little one but also I want to change lives! And the best way I know how to do that is by helping entrepreneurs and small businesses achieve their goals and dreams.

Let’s achieve our goals together!


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Get To Know Me! I’m a…

Wife to my college sweetheart and the love of my life.

Mom to a little girl with a huge personality.

Fan of podcasts. Can’t tell you my favorite because it is always changing.

Lover of black coffee, hot or iced.

Cook in my own kitchen and I love making new recipes. My husband is a professional chef but rarely cooks at home.

Student. I think we should always be learning. School is never out for the pro.

Mentor at Roanoke College. It is my alma mater and I love giving back to my school and helping current students find a career field they are passionate about.

Disney World Fanatic. We lived in Florida and were season pass holders and I miss it every day! I could eat my way around Epic every day of the week!

Brandi has helped small business owners and creative entrepreneurs create the strategies and marketing plans that convert into followers, sales, and clients! She loves what she does and she is really good at it, which makes for a killer combo. 

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